An undated phot showing an Iranian uranium enrichment facility

Ex-UN Inspector Supports Efforts To Expose Iran's Influence In US

Saturday, 09/30/2023

Former UN inspector David Albright says the efforts to discredit individuals involved in Iran's influence campaign in the United States is a justified action.

This week, Iran International and Semafor simultaneously released a report revealing that several individuals closely connected to President Joe Biden's former Iran special envoy, Robert Malley, were part of an influence network established by Iran's foreign ministry.

The president of the non-profit Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) recommends examining the emails and scrutinizing the subsequent actions of those involved in the influence operation.

One of the people who is named by Albright is Ali Vaez. Malley recruited Vaez to the Crisis Group in 2012. In a 2015 article on its website, the Crisis Group emphasized Vaez's role in the nuclear agreement, stating that he was trusted for his “impartiality”, leading “the US, Russia, China, Germany, the UK, and France to engage with him through telephone conversations, emails, and negotiations.”

The report names individuals like Vaez and Ariane Tabatabai as close associates of Robert Malley, whose security clearance was suspended earlier this year, leading to an FBI investigation for mishandling classified information.

The nuclear proliferation expert also expressed his willingness to engage in an open discussion about the actions of the Iranian individuals. He recalled their opposition to US positions and advocacy for Iranian interests during the JCPOA negotiations, emphasizing the need to counter their efforts both privately and publicly.

Since the report exposed the Iran-backed influence operation in Washington, many prominent Republicans in Washington have criticized the Biden administration.

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