Iranian kamikaze drones on display in Tehran

Ukrainian Report Exposes European Components In Iranian Drones

Wednesday, 09/27/2023

A confidential report from the Ukrainian government has exposed the utilization of European components in Iranian kamikaze drones used against Ukraine.

The document, shared with Western allies, advocates for the procurement of long-range missiles to target drone production facilities in Russia, Iran, and Syria, as reported by The Guardian on Wednesday.

The comprehensive 47-page report, delivered to G7 nations in August, discloses that over the past three months, more than 600 drone assaults leveraged unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) incorporating Western technology. Notably, the Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 drone models, containing 52 and 57 electrical components, respectively, sourced from Western companies, have been at the forefront.

The report singles out five European companies, including a Polish subsidiary of a British multinational, as the primary manufacturers of these components.

The document recommends actions, including "missile strikes on the production plants of these UAVs in Iran, Syria, as well as on a potential production site in the Russian Federation."

Furthermore, it proposes that such actions “may be carried out by the Ukrainian defense forces if partners provide the necessary means of destruction.”

The report also underscores a lack of coordination among EU intelligence agencies in addressing the misuse of Western components in these drones.

Additionally, the document notes that “almost all the imports to Iran originated from Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Costa Rica”.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Iran continues to deny its provision of drones to Russia for the Ukraine conflict.

The US, the UK, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand have all imposed multiple rounds of sanctions on Iran due to its purported provision of drones to Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

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