Canada’s Justice Minister and Attorney General Arif Virani (center) and several Iranian activists

Iranian Activists Renew Call On Canada To Designate IRGC

Friday, 09/22/2023

A group of Iranian activists have met several senior Canadian officials to discuss wide ranging issues of concern to the Iranian community and how Canada can help.

Canada’s Justice Minister and Attorney General, Arif Virani, along with several Canadian lawmakers, held separate meetings on Thursday with approximately 15 Iranian activists, including Hamed Esmaeilion, who lost his daughter and wife in the shooting down of Flight PS752 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in 2020.

The primary topics addressed during these sessions included the designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, known as the IRGC, as a terrorist organization and the legal grounds for expelling agents and affiliates of the Islamic Republic from Canada.

Discussions also revolved around the plight of refugees, asylum seekers, and families impacted by the Islamic Republic's crimes, including victims of protests and persecuted minority groups such as the LGBTQ community. The activists urged Canada to establish a dedicated refugee program for over 500 Iranians seeking refuge from political persecution.

In a statement issued by the activists, it was noted, "Canada has, regrettably, been too willing to admit individuals with ties to the Islamic Republic but has been less receptive to asylum seekers."

“The IRGC is a murderous and corrupt organization that has killed many Canadians, carried out terrorist acts across the world, and stolen billions from Iran's public coffers,” added the document.

Furthermore, the activists called for continued legal efforts against the Islamic Republic's authorities regarding the PS752 case. Iran has consistently refused to cooperate with international investigations into the incident, which resulted in the tragic loss of 176 innocent civilians.

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