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Iranian Filmmakers Call For Inquiry Into Regime-Backed Oscars Submission

Thursday, 09/21/2023

The Independent Filmmakers Association of Iran (IFMA) has requested an independent inquiry into the selection of next year's Oscars nomination.

The IFMA sent an official letter to the Oscars Academy regarding the submission of The Night Guardian by Reza Mirkarimi as Iran's entry for the prestigious awards ceremony, objecting to the involvement of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, a governmental entity,.

"The representative of Iran's state cinema for participation in the 2024 Oscars ceremony has been selected and introduced by the Farabi Cinema Foundation, which is a state entity affiliated with the oppressive regime of Iran," states the letter.

The IFMA's letter drew attention to the oppression faced by independent filmmakers in Iran over the past year, citing arrests, interrogations, and threats. The Farabi Foundation has stated its coordination with security and intelligence agencies.

The IFMA is calling for the establishment of a selected group to review and introduce independent Iranian films for consideration at the Academy Awards next March, the ceremony held annually in Los Angeles. The association has also submitted a list of proposed works for the Oscars Academy's consideration.

Iran has achieved success at the Oscars in recent years, winning awards for "A Separation" in 2011 and "The Salesman" in 2016, both directed by Asghar Farhadi.

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