Iranian rapper Saman Yasin

Imprisoned Iranian Singer Proclaims Innocence in Audio Message

Friday, 07/21/2023

Saman Yasin jailed on charges of participating in protests has released an audio message from behind bars emphatically asserting his innocence.

The singer, who has been in detention for ten months, denies any involvement in criminal activities and expresses his desire for a better life for all citizens.

In the audio file, Yasin, 27, and a resident of Tehran, refutes allegations of being a political figure or a member of any political group. He addresses his supporters and fellow citizens, seeking their understanding and support during his challenging ordeal.

One of the significant points raised by Yasin is a government ban for him and other political detainees to choose their own defense attorneys. A notorious judge, Abolqasem Salavati, has denied him the right to select his preferred lawyer, leaving him with an assigned attorney.

Yasin says that his attempts to communicate with the lawyer have remained unanswered, as the lawyer is unable to proceed without the judge's approval.

Earlier reports by government media claimed that Yasin faced charges in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court for allegedly participating in protests and supporting gatherings and singing revolutionary songs. Additionally, he was accused of being involved in activities intending to undermine the country's security.

Rejecting these accusations, Saman Yasin's family says that he made confessions under duress and torture. In his audio message, Yasin vehemently denies all charges and describes them as baseless lies orchestrated to harass him.

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