Iran's president Ebrahim Raisi

Iran’s President Starts Tour Of Latin American Allies

Monday, 06/12/2023

Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi started a tour of Latin America Monday strategically targeting fellow sanctioned nations.

Raisi is expected to visit Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua - all sanctioned by the United States.

“The common position of Iran and the three countries is to stand against the domination system and confront unilateralism,” claimed Raisi before his trip.

The tour will begin with Raisi's visit to Venezuela, which is a close ally of Tehran receiving oil and other assistance. This is his 13th foreign trip since taking office.

Last year, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited Tehran and signed a 20-year cooperation plan to take bilateral relations to a new level.

Along with his chief of staff and deputy for political affairs, the president is accompanied by his ministers of foreign affairs, petroleum, defense, and health.

“In addition to friendly political ties with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, Iran has also had good cooperation with these countries in the field of energy, industry, agriculture, science and technology, and medicine and treatment,” added Raisi.

Last month, a Cuban delegation visited Tehran and signed 13 agreements that included cooperation in biotechnology, healthcare, trade, banking, agriculture, and sports.

The three countries are key political allies for Iran. The United States has accused Iran of circumventing sanctions by exporting crude to countries including Venezuela, while also helping the oil-rich Latin American country to rebuild its energy infrastructure.

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