The Ukrainian government submitted a resolution to parliament on May 27 to impose 50-year-long sanctions on Iran, ostensibly for its supply of weapons to Russia.

Ukrainian Pravda website reported on Sunday that the draft resolution by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine "On the application of sectoral special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” was submitted to the legislature.

The resolution stipulates a complete trade ban, suspension of transit resources, flights and transportation and prevention of capital outflow by Iranian citizens.

Iran has supplied hundreds of Kamikaze drones to Russia that have been used to target mainly Ukrainian infrastructure and civilians since September 2022. Tehran has denied that it has sent any drones to Moscow since the invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, but Kyiv has presented overwhelming material evidence showing Russia has used Iranian-made Shahed drones.

Ukraine’s air defenses have learned to shoot down the great majority of the drones, but some slip through anti-aircraft fire and hit civilian targets. A large attack by Iranian drones shook the capital Kyiv on Sunday.

The proposed sanctions package requires the Cabinet of Ministers, the Security Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the National Bank and other state authorities to implement and monitor the sanctions.

The document also proposes to prohibit any investment in Iran, transfer of technology and intellectual property rights by residents of Ukraine.

Kyiv also has an ongoing dispute with Tehran over the downing of a civilian airliner belonging to one of its airlines in January 2020 over Tehran by two IRGC missiles which resulted in the death of 176 people onboard. Iran has prevented a independent investigation and a clear report on the incident.

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