Israeli and US air forces in joint drills in January 2023

Israeli and US air forces in joint drills in January 2023

US Reportedly Proposed To Israel Joint Military Planning On Iran

Wednesday, 05/17/2023

The Biden administration has proposed to Israel to start “Joint military planning” regarding Iran, Walla news website reported Wednesday.

Quoting three US and Israeli officials, the website said that a few weeks ago the United States proposed the joint effort, but it is not clear whether it pertains only to exchange of information and planning or it also means joint military action.

Israel has not rejected the offer but views the proposal with suspicion as it could be designed to “tie Israel’s hands” in any contingency to attack Iran, in particular its nuclear installations. Israel has reportedly asked Washington for clarifications.

Israeli leaders have repeatedly said that they will not tolerate a nuclear Iran and would take military action to stop it.

The report quoted American officials as saying that there was no hidden agenda in the proposal and Washington simply wanted to give reassurances to Israel regarding the US commitment to security relations.

The Biden administration has also said in recent months that all options are on the table and conducted large military drills with the Israeli Defense Forces in January.

Walla quoted senior US officials as saying that the proposal was made during visits to Israel by the Chief of the Joint Staff, General Mark Milley and US defense secretary Lloyd Austin in early March, as well as by Gen. Eric Korilla, commander of CENTCOM.

The American sources who spoke to Walla said “joint military planning” means that each side will share its plans for various scenarios.

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