At least two people have been killed on Saturday in a gas explosion in southwest Iran, the Iranian IRGC-affiliated Fars News Agency reported.

Amir Abbas Najafi, Deputy of Khuzestan Province Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Department told Fars that “Unfortunately, two people were killed at Butan gas distribution company of Ahvaz after a 4,000-liter tank exploded.

"The fire is spreading to another tank, but firefighters are trying to put out the flames, and members of the Red Crescent are providing support at the scene of the incident," he added.

The cause of the accident is still unknown and under investigation.

Head of Ahvaz Fire Department, Ebrahim Qanbari told IRNA that the fire at the tanks should not be extinguished at once and gas should be allowed to burn out because there is a possibility of other explosions.

“The firefighters are on the scene trying to keep the tanks cool until the gas burns completely and does not spread to other parts.”

On March 14, two other people were killed in a gas pipeline explosion near Ahvaz city. "The pipeline links the gas network from Mahshahr city to Ahvaz," ISNA reported, adding that one child and a woman were killed in the blast.

Poor safety measures and Iran's aging infrastructure have been blamed by some authorities for similar accidents in the past.

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