Mohammad Hosseini (R) and Mohammad Mehdi Karami who were hanged on January 7, 2023

Iranian Teachers Union Slams Execution Of Protesters

Tuesday, 01/10/2023

An Iranian teachers’ union has issued a statement to slam the execution of youths, demanding that the death sentences must be cancelled as soon as possible

The Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations on Tuesday also called for the resumption of fair trials for the defendants in the presence of lawyers chosen by the accused.

The statement also pointed out that Mohammad Hosseini and Mohammad Mehdi Karami, who were hanged by the regime on Saturday, were tried without going through legal formalities and the possibility of having a selected lawyer.

“However, the arrogant government thinks by hasty executions, it can cover up its inefficiency, which is the main cause of the recent uprising of those who lost their lives,” reiterated the council.

It also added that cruel verdicts are issued to create terror in the society so that the Islamic Republic can silence the voice of protesters against oppression, discrimination, and injustice.

Iran Human Rights Organization announced on Mondaythat at least 109 Iranian protesters are currently at risk of execution or facing death penalty sentences.

The Oslo-based organization said in its latest report that this figure is a minimum estimate as most families are under pressure to stay quiet, and the real number is believed to be much higher.

It also announced that at least 481 people including 64 children and 35 women, have been killed by security forces since mid-September, following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody, which triggered the protests.

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