A Hezbollah-controlled area in Lebanon near the Syrian border

Hezbollah Faces Financial Problems As Aid From Iran Decreases

Saturday, 12/31/2022

Lebanese media report that Hezbollah is facing financial problems due to the situation in Iran, as it cannot import Iranian goods to sell at a discount to its supporters.

Two years ago, Lebanon's Hezbollah distributed a card called "Sajjad" among the families of its members to buy food stuff with a 60% discount at shops selling Iranian products.

The Lebanese website "Janoubieh" quoted its sources as saying that now shopping with this card has encountered problems.

According to this report, the Islamic Republic is unable to send food items such as cooking oil and tea to Lebanon due anti-regime protests and its economic problems, including the sharp increase of the US dollar against its currency, the rial.

The militant Hezbollah group has reportedly replaced Iranian goods with the Lebanese, Turkish, and Indian items for the users of the Sajjad card.

Makram Rabah, a Lebanese political activist, emphasized in an interview with Iran International that the consequences of the uprising of Iranians against the regime could now be seen in Lebanon.

He said the dire situation of the Islamic Republic, as the biggest financial and political supporter of Hezbollah, causes this group to lose the ability to stand on its own feet.

Earlier, some media, including Jerusalem Post, reported that the Palestinian groups affiliated to the Islamic Republic have also suffered a financial crisis because of troubles Iran faces.

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