Mohsen Shekari a protester who was executed on December 8, 2022

EU Officials Censure Execution of Iranian Protester Shekari

Thursday, 12/08/2022

The Vice-President of the European Parliament has strongly condemned the execution of a protester by the Iranian government calling it “insane”.

Hours after a young Iranian, Mohsen Shekari, was hanged without a real trial, Pina Picierno reacted to his death in a tweet saying, “It is the first insane death sentence carried out on a protester in Iran.”

The Italian politician threw her weight behind the Iranian demonstrators stating that “you will find us on the side of freedom, on the side of the protesters. Always.”

Meanwhile, the Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden urged the international community to be the voice of Iranians.

Margot Wallström said in a tweet that “Mohsen Shekari was executed today in Iran by the Islamist regime. He was 23 years old.”

She went on to say that Sweden and the EU must take action quickly to save others. “The International community needs to speak out loud and clear against this,” reads her tweet.

Social media users are also raising concerns about the fate of other Iranian detainees saying thousands of other arrested protesters may have the same fate.

Mohsen Shekari, who was convicted of injuring a security guard with a knife and closing off a street in the capital Tehran, was hanged as the first detained protester to receive the death penalty on Thursday.

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