Mohsen Mazloum (left) and Vafa Azarbar

Mohsen Mazloum (left) and Vafa Azarbar

Concerns Grow As Iran Executes More Political Prisoners

Tuesday, 12/06/2022

Following the re-broadcast of coerced confessions from four Kurdish political prisoners on Iran’s state television, concerns about their execution have mounted.

The political prisoners are identified as Pejman Fatehi, Vafa (Wafa) Azarbar, Mohsen Mazloum and Hajir (Hazhir) Faramarezi whose forced confessions were recently broadcast for the second time on state TV.

Regime’s judiciary also announced that four other people will be hanged on charges of “kidnapping as well as intelligence cooperation with the Mossad.”

Mizan news agency, affiliated with the judiciary, later announced the four people named Hossein Urdukhanzadeh, Shahin Imani Mahmoudabad, Milad Ashrafi Atbatan and Manouchehr Shahbandi Bajandi were executed Sunday morning.

Oslo-based Iran Human Rights Organization says with the execution of the four citizens, the number of executions this year exceeded 500.

In late October, the judiciary of the Islamic Republic announced the indictment of ten people, who were introduced as “Mossad-related agents,” saying that four of them were accused of “corruption on earth;” a charge that leads to death penalty.

The judiciary did not reveal their identity and the date of their arrest, but only announced they were detained in West Azarbaijan province.

Previously, the intelligence ministry had claimed to have arrested operatives of Komala organization “who were Mossad agents,” but the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan rejected the claim, confirming that several of its members have been apprehended in Iran.

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