A scene from a strike at Haft Tappeh sugar mill in October

A scene from a strike at Haft Tappeh sugar mill in October

Workers, Employees Stage More Strikes Across Iran

Wednesday, 11/23/2022

In the tenth week of antigovernment protests in Iran, workers and employees of different sectors continue their strikes and called Thursday for more nationwide action.

In the eastern religious city of Mashhad fire fighters gathered in front of the governor's office on Wednesday demanding their rights including pay increases and housing benefits.

A group of workers at Bahman Diesel Company in Qazvin near capital Tehran also went on strike to put further pressure on the government.

Based on reports received by Iran International, a group of employees of South Aluminum Company in Lamerd city of Fars province also stopped working on Wednesday.

Earlier, the Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan's Political Parties called on political entities, civil activists and people from all walks of life to organize a general strike on Thursday, November 24, to show support for the Kurdish people.

In recent days, the Islamic Republic has intensified its crackdown on antigovernment protests in Kurdish areas with military vehicles deployed and live bullets used against people.

Strikes of employees and workers have always been witnessed in recent years, but they have intensified since the beginning of the nationwide uprising against the Islamic Republic.

Strikes were instrumental in the overthrow of the monarchy during the 1979 revolution. This time around protesters have urged all groups — including merchants in the bazaars, teachers and workers in the oil sector — to stage strikes in the hope that this would turn the latest unrest into a revolution and lead to the overthrow of the theocracy.

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