A group of Sunni religious leaders and Friday prayer Imams in Iran’s Kordestan province

Kurdish Religious Leaders Call For Plebiscite In Iran

Monday, 11/21/2022

A group of Sunni religious leaders and Friday prayer Imams in Iran’s Kordestan province have called for a referendum under the supervision of international bodies in the country.

In a joint video statement on Monday, the Sunni clerics of Sanandaj and Dehgolan in western Iran called for a plebiscite with the presence of religious and national leaders, as well as neutral international observers to “get out of the current situation.”

Earlier, Molavi Abdolhamid, the top Sunni cleric of Zahedan in the southeast had also called for an internationally monitored referendum, saying by killings and suppressing protesters the government cannot push back a nation.

However, his request was met with a harsh rejection by the authorities of the Islamic Republic.

The Sunni Kurdish clerics further called for the unconditional release of all those arrested recently and warned the government against executing protesters.
"Such a terrible act will only arouse the anger of the nation,” they added.

In recent days, despite warnings by international and human rights organizations, the Islamic Republic’s judiciary issued death sentences for some protesters on charges of “War against God.”

They additionally demanded punishment of all those who were involved in killing and injuring protestors.

Ending the censorship of news and stopping the disruption of the internet and social networks are among the other demands raised in the statement.

They also expressed support for protesting students emphasizing that “the presence of security forces in schools and universities is against religion, law, and ethics.”

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