Iranian Translators Express Solidarity With Protest Movement

Monday, 11/21/2022

More than three hundred Iranian translators have joined other professional groups expressing their support for the protest movement against the Islamic Republic.

They have announced that they will stand against all types of discrimination and prohibitions that have made life in Iran similar to “mere survival in forced labor camps.”

They also condemned the killing of civilians and children, saying like others in Iran and abroad they stand with “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement.

The statement, which is published in several languages, including Farsi, English, Kurdish, German, French and Italian, is signed by famous figures like Dariush Ashuri, Soroush Habibi, Babak Ahmadi, Leily Sazgar, Nazi Azima, Khashayar Deyhimi, Abbas Milani, Morad Farhadpour.

Translators have an important literary and intellectual role in Iranian society as a bridge to world literature and sciences for students and the public in general.

The signatories of the statement also announced that in face of the actions of the regime the only alternative is to resist, adding that “nothing” will separate them from standing with “freedom-seeking youth.”

The translators slammed the censorship that has existed in Iran for many years, speaking based on their first-hand experience with the government’s elaborate censorship machine. Every publication goes through a cumbersome process of censors reviewing content and either deleting pages from books or banning their publication altogether.

They further vowed to deliver the books and texts the regime prevented from being published to citizens in any way possible.

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