This photo of Peyman Kia has circulated in Swedish media

This photo of Peyman Kia has circulated in Swedish media

Sweden Indicts Two Iranian-Born Brothers 'Spying For Russia'

Saturday, 11/12/2022

Sweden says two Iranian-born brothers and citizens of the country have been charged with spying for Russia and its military intelligence for about a decade.

Swedish authorities have identified the two as, Peyman Kia, 42 and Payam Kia 35. One of these two brothers has also been indicted for alleged gross unauthorized handling of secret information.

Reportedly the older brother has been working with Sweden's Domestic Intelligence Agency for years.

It has been a complex investigation concerning a crime that is very difficult to investigate and the suspicion concerns very serious criminality directed against Sweden's intelligence and security system," National Security Unit chief prosecutor Per Lindqvist said.

He noted that this case is about confidential and very sensitive information but refused to give further explanation.

According to the charge sheet obtained by AP, these two brothers have provided information to the Russian Military Intelligence Department (GRU) between September 28, 2011 and September 20, 2021.

It adds that Peyman Kia, obtained this information from various security and intelligence institutions of Sweden when he was working at Sweden's Domestic Intelligence Agency and the Swedish Armed Forces. The other brother also helped to make contact with “Russia and the GRU including matters of surrender of information and receipt of compensation.”

They were arrested in September and November 2021. Both have denied any wrongdoing, Swedish media reported. The brothers face up to life imprisonment if convicted. A life sentence in Sweden generally means a minimum of 20-25 years in prison.

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