A document allegedly leaked from the office of Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah

Document Alleges Hezbollah Sending Forces Against Iran Protesters

Tuesday, 11/01/2022

An unverified – and seemingly fake -- document has been leaked on social media, claiming that Iran-backed Hezbollah is sending forces to help the Islamic Republic crackdown on protesters. 

The document, allegedly leaked from the office of Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah two weeks ago – dated October 14 -- said that personnel from unit 133 and unit 910 (special foreign operations) are being prepared to be deployed to defend the Islamic regime. The total number of these forces is 9,500 people.

On top of the paper, it is written "secret and urgent," and the deadline for sending the troops according to the alleged leaked document was on October 20.

Another similar document, dated September 18, was allegedly leaked last month, saying 4,000 forces will be deployed to Iran. 

The document has been described by social media users as an attempt by psychological operations unit of IRGC’s Intelligence Organization to deter Iranians from joining antigovernment protests. Some argue that if the document is not fake, it means the Islamic Republic is at such a low point that has asked Hezbollah for help, and in such a few thousand forces cannot help to quash the uprising in a large country like Iran with a population of more than 80 million.

According to a report by the Jerusalem Post in October, plainclothesmen with Lebanese-accented Arabic were seen trying to help Iranian security to suppress the protesters in various cities, including in the capital of Tehran, creating speculation that Hezbollah and Iraq’s Shiite militia Hashd al-Shaabi have been helping the Islamic Republic in its clampdown. 

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