Mourners marking the death of Mehrshad Shahidi

Protests Flare Up At Funeral Of Young Man Killed By Iran’s IRGC

Saturday, 10/29/2022

A large crowd in the central city of Arak attended the funeral of Mehrshad Shahidi, a 20-year-old chef who was killed by the Revolutionary Guard forces on October 25.

Mehrshad Shahidi was arrested October 25 during antigovernment protests and beaten to death with baton at the IRGC Intelligence’s detention center.

Security forces have reportedly fired tear gas to disperse the mourners who were chanting “Everyone who is killed will be supported by thousands more,” and "We don’t want, we don’t want the Islamic Republic.”

Iranian authorities have denied any responsibility in Shahidi’s death claiming that they will announce the cause of his death later.

Chief Justice of the province Abdolmehdi Mousavi said on Friday that “there are no signs of fractures in the arms, legs, skull, or any brain injury.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor of the province, Behnam Nazari alleged that “the rumors are being spread by anti-Iran media, but no bullets have been shot at Mehrshad Shahidi.”

Funerals and memorial ceremonies have become occasions for more protests and new violence by security forces.

The Norway-based Iran Human Rights organization says at least 253 people including 34 children have been killed by the Iranian security forces during the nationwide protests so far.

According to the organization, on Thursday and Friday alone, at least 16 people, including 4 women, were killed by regime forces in different cities, particularly in Kurdish regions.

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