Iranian riot police and plainclothesmen on their typical bikes in Tehran, on Oct. 3, 2022

Iranian riot police and plainclothesmen on their typical bikes in Tehran, on Oct. 3, 2022

Family Of Dead Protester Reveals Ruthless Violence By Iran Regime

Thursday, 10/20/2022

The story of the death of a young Iranian man at the hands of government forces has uncovered new aspects of resorting to brutal violence against protesters.

Family members of a young protester, Mohammad Rasoul Momeni Rad, who was shot to death by security forces from a one-meter distance in the northern city of Rasht on September 21, say the agents beat him severely even after he was shot.

In an exclusive interview with Iran International they said his dead body was handed over for burial to his family only on the condition they keep silent regarding the details of his death.

His brother, Amir, who was with him in the protest, told Iran International that he and his brother were running from the security forces when regime agents shot Mohammad Rasoul from a one-meter distance.

“The two officers on a motorcycle beat the two of us with a baton and punched and kicked us after the shooting,” he added.

He noted that while his brother was bleeding severely the agents continued to beat them and finally ran away on their motorbike.

The victim’s mother also said the plainclothesmen did not even allow her to see the dead body of her son at the hospital.

Mother of Mohammad Rasoul Momeni Rad next to a picture of her son

“Why did you kill my child with a gun from a meter away? What had he done? What should I do so that our right would not be trampled upon? I was not even allowed to see and kiss my own child,” she cried out.

Referring to the large presence of plainclothesmen at the funeral and other events, the mother said she had to remain silent during the funeral for the safety of her other children.

Different shotgun shells show the difference between small 'birdshot' pellets and larger projectiles

“I seek justice and I will not let my son die in vain,” she emphasized.

Mohammad Rasoul’s brother also added that the Forensic Medicine Organization falsely reported his brother had a liver injury. He said the bullet hit his brother in the armpit and his lower ribcage was torn apart.

According to a document received by Iran International, in this report, “being hit by high-speed metal pellets” has been announced as the cause of death.

On Thursday, a regime insider and the deputy of Basij organization said about 70 percent of people arrested during protests are less than 20 years old.

Earlier this week, a photo by a female protester showed the extent of the brutality of Khamenei agents in dealing with demonstrators.

In this photo of a woman from the city of Saqqez in the western Kurdistan province at least 150 birdshot pellets could be seen.

With respect to the size of her wounds, it seems to be a birdshot cartridge that contains 77 pellets. She was shot at least two times by a semi-automatic shotgun.

Shells containing birdshot pellets have multiple projectiles of varying sizes instead of just one slug or 9 pellets for large animals. They are devised for hunting small animals and birds, however, if fired at close targets they could kill people. Birdshot pellets can easily blind people if fired toward the face, as has happened to many Iranian protesters over the years.

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