An Iranian woman holding a banner against compulsory hijab (September 2022)

An Iranian woman holding a banner against compulsory hijab

UN Experts Decry Iran’s Repression, Systematic Discrimination Against Women

Friday, 09/23/2022

A group of independent UN human rights experts has condemned the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody following arrest over “an improper hijab”. 

“The experts also denounced the violence directed against peaceful protesters and human rights defenders demanding accountability for Amini’s death in cities across the country by Iranian security forces,” read a statement issued on Thursday. 

“She is another victim of Iran’s sustained repression and systematic discrimination against women and the imposition of discriminatory dress codes that deprive women of bodily autonomy and the freedoms of opinion, expression and belief”, the experts added.

Urging the Iranian authorities to avoid further unnecessary violence and to immediately stop the use of lethal force in policing peaceful assemblies, they “strongly condemned the use of physical violence against women and the denial of fundamental human dignity when enforcing compulsory hijab policies ordained by State authorities.”

They also called on the Islamic Republic to hold “an independent, impartial, and prompt investigation” into Amini’s death, and make the findings of the investigation public and hold all perpetrators accountable. 

Amid a near total internet shutdown, news and videos of protests in Iran have started to trickle out at a slow pace, showing demonstrations in several cities on Friday.

Iran's state TV aired footage on Friday of pro-government rallies in Tehran and elsewhere, staged to show its popularity, amid ongoing fierce opposition protests.

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