Iran’s exiled queen Farah Pahlavi (file photo)

Iran’s exiled queen Farah Pahlavi

Exiled Queen Says Ready To Return Home After Iran Is Free


Iran’s exiled queen Farah Pahlavi says the people of Iran "want the return" of the Pahlavi monarchy, and that she is ready to go back home.

The former queen made the remarks in an interview with the Italian newspaper Libero during a recent trip to Egypt to participate in the ceremonies on the death anniversary of her husband, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last king of Iran. 

She referred to popular protests in recent years in which Iranians chanted slogans in support and appreciation of Reza Shah Pahlavi – the founder of the dynasty and father of Mohammad Reza Shah, saying that "It is shocking for me” that after all these years and all the Islamic Republic propaganda against the Pahlavi rule, people and politicians have noticed the Shah's services to the country.”

Reza Shah introduced many social, economic, and political reforms during his reign, ultimately laying the foundation of the modern Iranian state. Therefore, he is regarded as the founder of modern Iran.

Expressing hope that she will return to Iran, Farah Pahlavi added, "The most important issue is freedom of Iran and the freedom of Iranians. If one day I can return to my country, it will be a great joy for me."

Referring to the "severe poverty of the majority of Iranian people", the "mistreatment" of women and the protests by workers and teachers, she said that "most Iranians do not want this theocratic government and many young people are in favor of the monarchy."

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