One of the unsafe buildings in Tehran (file photo)

One of the unsafe buildings in Tehran

Tehran Fire Department To Announce List Of 129 Unsafe Buildings


Tehran Fire Department says it will announce the list of 129 unsafe buildings in the capital, stating that there are more than three thousand cases of such buildings in the capital. 

Ghodratollah Mohammadi, the caretaker of Tehran Fire Department, said on Sunday that “When we know that a large number of our citizens are in unsafe buildings every day, we should not be afraid to publish the names."

"In coordination with the prosecutor's office, we will publish the list of 129 buildings," he added.

He made the remarks as sporadic protests continued in Iran on Saturday despite a heavy presence of security forces and minimal information available with lack of internet access. 

Thousands of security forces, some dispatched to Khuzestan in recent days, were present in Abadan where the building incident took place and in other cities.

The number of victims of the collapse of the Abadan Metropolis building reached 29 as new bodies are being discovered under the rubble.

The people of Shahinshahr in the central Esfahan province and Bandar Abbas in the southern province of Hormozgan also held protest rallies to show their solidarity with the people of Abadan, whose mourning ceremonies for the victims of the collapsed ten-story Metropol twin towers have turned into anti-government protests since Wednesday.

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