Former US president Donald Trump in a rally in Arizona, January 15, 2022

Trump Says Biden’s Weak Foreign Policy Emboldened Iran

Monday, 01/17/2022

Former President Donald Trump says Iran, China, and Russia don’t take the United States seriously anymore under the presidency of Joe Biden.

Trump, who was speaking among his supporters in Florence, Arizona on Saturday, denounced Biden’s foreign policy that has emboldened other countries not to respect the US.

He said during his tenure there was no problem with Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding Ukraine, no problem with China’s President Xi Jinping on Taiwan, adding, “China, Russia, and Iran are engaging in aggression and provocations they never would have dared to just one year ago”.

“They are toying with us”, Trump stated.

Last week, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also slammed the Biden Administration for continuing talks with Iran while Tehran is threatening former US officials and attacking US targets.

He was referring to an animation video published on the official website of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei showing a man targeting Trump playing golf.

Following the publication of the video, Twitter permanently suspended one of Khamenei’s accounts apparently for sharing the animation.

Khamenei and other top civilian and military leaders have threatened revenge for the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian operator who organized and controlled anti-Western and anti-Israeli militant groups in the Middle East. Trump ordered his killing in early 2020. He was one of Khamenei’s most trusted people.

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