New York-based Iranian activist Masih Alinejad. FILE PHOTO

New York-based Iranian activist Masih Alinejad.

Iranian Rights Activist Alinejad Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Tuesday, 01/11/2022

Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy for women's rights in Iran.

Alinejad was nominated by Erlend Wiborg, a Progress Party member of the Norwegian parliament.

Wiborg described Alinejad’s nominationin line with Alfred Nobel's will, noting that a very basic factor for peace is respect for people and their freedom. “Respect for people and their freedom of choice will contribute to more peace in the world”, he said.

He highlighted Alinejad’s “fearless way of fight”, which has made her live in exile, and her “activism” that made her a target for a kidnapping plot by Iran’s intelligence agents.

In a tweet announcing her nomination, the New York-based activist said, “It’s important that the fight of Iranian women against gender apartheid is recognized”, adding that “For a peaceful world, it is vital that our struggles with terrorist states is strengthened globally.”

Iran's Intelligence Ministry's plot to abduct the Iranian American journalist drew global outrage from international journalists’ unions and writers associations when it was revealed by US authorities in July 2021.

Among other things, Alinejad has started several online movements against Iran’s compulsory hijab, the latest of which was the trending hashtag #LetUsTalkthat garnered support from hundreds of Iranian social media users.

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