Striking staff members outside a Judiciary building in Tehran. January 8, 2022

Striking staff members outside a Judiciary building in Tehran on Saturday.

Iranian Judiciary Staff On Nationwide Strike To Protest Low Salaries


Hundreds of staff members from Iran’s judiciary department took to the streets in several cities across the country to protest their low salaries.

Videos published on social media on Saturday show groups of workers on strike and protesting in front of the provincial offices and departments of the Judiciary in several cities.

Quite ironically, the protesters are chanting slogans asking for justice.

There are also reports of strikes by judicial staff and judges in capital Tehran that is expected to last about a week.

In some cities, the employees of the Judiciary have started to resign from their jobs en masse, with photos of their collective resignation letterscirculating in twitter.

The nationwide protests were triggered following the rejection of a special plan to increase salaries for the judiciary staff by the parliament a few days ago.

People with different professions are holding regular protest rallies to demand better work conditions and salaries with teachers holding the largest number of demonstrations.

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