The Blue Mosque of Iran's Hamburg Islamic Center. FILE PHOTO

The Blue Mosque of Iran's Hamburg Islamic Center.

Hamburg Shura Removes Iran Islamic Center From Executive Board


An Islamic organization in Germany has removed the Hamburg Islamic Center from its board of directors for supporting Qasem Soleimani and allegations that the center is Iran’s “long terrorist arm” in Europe.

The Hamburg Shura Council, an association of Muslim organizations that represents around 40 mosque communities and other Islamic institutions in the city, made the move after German intelligence sources confirmed connections to Iran’s leader Ali Khamenei as well as Hezbollah that are both designated as terrorist entities by the US and EU.

According to a report by German daily Die Welt, the new head of the Shura executive board, Fatih Yildiz, said their board of directors was restructured in November and the Hamburg Islamic Center is no longer represented. However, the center, known by its German abbreviation IZH for Islamische Zentrum Hamburg and its Blue Mosque are not completely expelled from the Shura Council.

According to a 2021 report by Philipp Wolden, the managing editor of Die Welt Hamburg, the IZH is Iran’s most “important propaganda center" in Europe, and it sends busloads of pro-Iranian and pro-Hezbollah activists to Berlin to participate in the annual al-Quds rallies.

In July, the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution also found evidence that the head of the IZH, Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh, is himself a member of the Revolutionary Guards.

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