UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss at the G7 meeting on December 7, 2021

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss at the G7 meeting on December 7.

Iran Government Website Slams European Troika For Role In Nuclear Talks


The official government news website, IRNA on Friday harshly attacked the European troika in the Vienna nuclear talks, accusing them of preventing an agreement.

IRNA quoted an “informed source” in Vienna as saying that the United Kingdom, France and Germany (E3) have adopted a negative stance to the extent that even the United States is unhappy. The source claimed that the E3 are working to sabotage a restoration of the 2015 nuclear agreement, JCPOA.

The three European allies of the United States had criticized Tehran earlier in the week, saying so far in December no serious negotiations have taken place and time for restoring JCPOA is fast running out.

IRNA further claimed that France is particularly playing a negative role, including leaking negative information about the talks. It added that the E3 are coordinating their position in the negotiations with Israel and the two sides had discussion and mutual visits to chart the failure of the Vienna negotiations. IRNA said that the UK even wants a new agreement to replace JCPOA.

After a five-month break in the talks, Iran returned to the negotiating table on November 29, putting forth new demands and refusing to continue talks based on previous understandings.

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