Satellite imagery showing location of capsized Iranian navy ship.

Satellite imagery showing location of capsized Iranian navy ship.

Iranian Navy Ship Under Construction Capsizes In Dry Dock


An Iranian naval vessel which was under construction at Bandar Abbas in southern Iran has capsized in dry dock, killing one Navy personnel.

Footages and satellite photos have been shared on social media since Saturday, confirming that the doomed vessel, named Talaiyeh, has capsized.
In one footage, people are seen hanging onto railings along the side of the ship tipped upwards.

Iranian authorities have not yet commented on the reports, and the reason for the incident and its exact date remain unknown.
This is at least the fourth incident involving the Iranian Navy in recent years.
In June, the large Iranian navy ship Kharg sank after catching fire in the Gulf of Oman during a training mission,
In May 2020, the Iranian Navy vessel “Konarak” was accidentally shot and sank by another Navy frigate “Jamaran” during a military exercise, killing 19 crew members and injuring 15 others.
Her sister-ship Damavand had also sunk in a navigation error on January 10, 2018.

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