Iran will not tolerate Israel’s presence near its borders, the foreign ministry spokesman told reporters on Monday, referring to tensions with Azerbaijan.

Saeed Kharibzadeh in his weekly briefing said Iran is serious about national security and its neighbors “are well aware of this, as we have sent them firm messages in this regard.”

Israel has close relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan and is the main weapons supplier to Iran’s northern neighbor. Tensions have risen between Baku and Tehran since September, as Azerbaijan held military drills with Turkey and Pakistan and arrested two Iranian truck drivers going to north crossing an area under its control.

Iran responded by holding its own large exercises near the Azerbaijani border and warning against the presence of Israel and what it alleged were Sunni extremists in Azerbaijan.

Military tensions also continue between Armenia and Azerbaijan over territorial issues. Iran has signaled its support for Armenia. Which was defeated in a war with Azerbaijan last year.

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