Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has accused the United States of being behind a suicide attack in Afghanistan on Friday that killed 46 people in a mosque.

Issuing a message of condolence, Raisi said the attack was carried out by people whose “anti-human and anti-religion nature is clear to all”. Referring to the possible role of Sunni Muslim extremists linked with the Islamic State group in the bombing, he added that this takes place “with support and plans of America”.

Raisi accused the US of creating and facilitating conditions to support extremists in Afghanistan and has prevented the fight against these groups.

Iran’s hardline president went on to say that his country is willing to help its “Afghan sisters and brother” against “new security plans” by the United States.

Former Afghan officials had frequently accused Tehran of covertly supporting the Taliban before the US withdrawal in August. Iran is also said to have provided safe haven to Al-Qaeda elements in the past 20 years.

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