High waves generated by cyclone Shaheen hitting Iran's coast on the Sea of Oman. October 2, 2021

Tropical Cyclone Hitting Iran At Sea Of Oman


The tropical storm Shaheen in northern Indian Ocean has moved closer to the Sea of Oman, impacting Iran’s southeast region and the coast of Oman on Saturday.

Iranian emergency services ordered many villages to be evacuated in the Sistan-Baluchistan province where two fishing boats anchored near the coast sank as high winds and turbulent seas battered the region.

Oman’s Meteorology service announced that the tropical storm is developing into a tropical cyclone as it nears the region.

Iran’s Chabahar port, a major transit point for good, as well offices and schools were closed on Saturday, the first weekday in the country. Dust storms raised by the storm have blanketed Sistan-Baluchistan and dozens of people visited hospitals to seek medical care.

Iranian meteorologists have forecast winds of more than 110 kilometers and rains dumping 300 millimeters (12 inch) of water in the region.

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