Lawmaker Morteza Aghatehrani

Regime MP Claims Hijab Is An Order Of God

Thursday, 06/01/2023

A regime member of parliament claims wearing the hijab is a timeless commandment by God.

Morteza Aghatehrani, the chairman of the Parliament's Cultural Committee, went as far as to say that all legislation should follow the orders of God.

His remarks come amidst mass rebellion against regime mandated hijab, with women refusing to wear them in public and burning them on the streets.

Meanwhile, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, an ultraconservative commentator who usually speaks on Iranian national television as a member of the Cultural Revolution Council, claimed on Thursday that "the removal of hijab is because they [enemies] want to return us to the pre-revolution era.”

He further claimed that the 'enemies', referring to the likes of the US and Israel, want to turn the celebrities of the Shah’s time into heroes for today's generation.

The regime continues to enforce the hijab both covertly and overtly, with the likes of hijab patrols and surveillance techniques across the country as it fights the ongoing hijab rebellion, sparked by the death in morality police custody of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old was arrested for the 'improper' wearing of her hijab in September, sparking a nationwide uprising.

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